20 Best Designer Handbags Of 2022

For me, the Celine Mini Belt Bag has pros and cons which I’ll tell you more about in a second. Before ordering the bag I wanted to do my research but was not really lucky with that. I couldn’t find any Celine Mini Belt Bag Reviews. The Gucci Leather Card Case Wallet is a classic style and super durable. Closed it measures 4.3” wide x 3.3” high x 1.2” deep.

Here you can find all the prices for the Celine Belt Bags. So if you’re thinking about getting the Belt Bag be quick because there could be another price increase. I have a 13″ MacBook Pro and it will “fit” in the bag, but it won’t close, so I don’t recommend it as a laptop bag. I have just recently noticed it beginning to slouch. The structure is still great when wearing, but when I set it on the shelf it will slouch, so I have started stuffing it when I’m not using.

I originally did not buy into the hype of this bag at all. I didn’t like the huge Gucci logo, and it just looked like a meh design to me. But then I heard about the Gucci price increase last fall and I started looking at more reviews of this bag, and it got me wanting to buy it. I got a really good price for it – right before the price increase, I got 10% off Matches Fashion which allowed me to buy this bag for under C$1,000. After a few price increases, retail in Canada is now $1,480 + tax. I used this when I went travelling in NYC last fall, and when I was in Toronto last winter.

I often get questions about this handbag and many of you ask about the size, durability and if I would recommend this as an “everyday bag”. Below, I’ve put together a full list of the standard details on this bag, but also share my pros and cons. The Belt Bag is one of the Phoebe Philo designs. I loved Phoebes designs and there was no bag or accessories I didn’t like. Some of the Phoebe Philo bags are still available in the new collections. I think they are part of the classic collection now which you can find every season.

I haven’t had any issues with the suede scuffing or getting discolored, but I’m also pretty light on my handbags and don’t really spill things internally. For today’s partnership with Rebag, I borrowed this gorgeous pre-owned Céline belt bag in the “micro” size from their inventory to feature. It’s in pristine condition and petite-proportioned, in an elegant combination of neutral pebbled leather with light gold hardware. If I didn’t already have a few bags in this same color of textured leather, I would’ve definitely bought this beauty at the pre-owned price. “The Kate Satchel bag has different textiles and colors per season, which are hard to spot for too long on traditional retailers’ shelves,” she tells WWD. Most are made from durable and scratch-resistant materials like Grain De Poudre (similar to Chanel’s caviar leather) and are ideal for those who don’t carry much in their day bag.

And if price is not a factor for you, then this seems like a good bag to use for work+going out. My preferred way to wear the bag is on my arm or in hand by the top handle. Depending on the outfit, the bag can look slightly large against my 5’4 frame. I rectify this by putting on a pair of 2.5 to 3in heels and it seems to even things out. Calfskin is the main material throughout; a grained calfskin on the exterior and suede calfskin as the lining inside . In the Céline boutique, I was torn between the light gray versus the light taupe colors, but ultimately decided on taupe as it was an easier color to wear.

I thought they would be a con to the bag but theyseriously aren’t. Like, I thought it would be annoying putting the bag down and having to fold them under all the time but they stay there! They’re such a discreet little statement and really aren’t as annoying as I thought they would be.

It fits my iPhone 11Pro with a lot of extra room to spare. There are no pockets inside, it’s one large open compartment. Just because you have to shop pre-loved on this one, doesn’t mean it’s one to skip over. I prefer to shop all my designer bags pre-loved anyway, but the Trapeze Bag is such a statement that even those who prefer to shop new may want to indulge. The Trapeze Bag shape isn’t quite classic, but it’s definitely iconic. The dramatic flare to the bag made for a show stopping statement at work or anywhere.

celine belt bag review

I did buy mine new a few years ago, and I got a bit of a discount since I went through my personal shopper, so the price I paid was substantially less than current retail. Chanel prices are going up again soon so this is probably higher in price now. The Celine Mini Belt Bag in Light Taupe is one of my favourite bags in my collection but one that doesn’t get much use. The Celine aesthetic is so beautiful, the minimalist design, clean lines, and quality pebbled leather makes up an incredibly gorgeous bag. It fits a ton, and isn’t too heavy even though it is such good quality leather. It has a top handle for carrying by hand or in the crook of your arm, as well as a non-adjustable shoulder strap.

I can confidently say I’ve used it 95% of the days I’ve owned it. “If well taken care of, this style will serve its purpose on your shoulder and then in your bank account later when it’s time to move on and trade it in for something different,” Gonzalez says. Designer handbags come in all shapes and sizes to suit every taste and lifestyle. The Trapeze Bag has recently been discontinued. This bag was one of the much loved handbags by Celine during the Phoebe Philo design era. If you’re a fan of this one, you’ll have to snag it on the second hand market.