An Overview on Allpax Products and Services

Allpax is a leading provider of retort processing and retort room material handling machinery. Featuring custom features and sizes for unique product and production requirements, Allpax offers a wide range of batch retorts of varying capabilities including saturated steam, water spray and, water immersion. Our retort agitation capabilities include both high-speed SHAKA and Gentle Motion horizontal reciprocation as well as all forms of rotary agitation. Allpax has been providing the highest levels of product safety and regulatory compliance since 1987. Our 21CFR Part 11 controls software is both USDA and FDA compliant and allows complete automation of the retort process for any retortable product/container combination.

In addition to our complete line of batch retorts, Allpax is the only manufacturer who offers a complete line of in-house manufactured material handling equipment allowing the complete automation of the retort room. Allpax sweep-type loaders and unloaders cover the full spectrum of basket loading from manual push button 200X to the fully automatic 400X Hyper-Loader capable of an industry leading 9+ sweeps per minute. The FC LOADER allows agitated processing of fragile containers while our gantry -type and robotic solutions have producers of shelf stable pouched products as well as RTE’s in polymeric bowls and trays covered. Allpax automated batch retort systems (ABRS) are designed for full integration with upstream and downstream packaging equipment.

Along with to our intuitive ALLVIEW HMI and control software and MONITOR recipe design and process reporting software suite, Allpax provides other retort room enhancements through our various system software and hardware modules. ALLTRAX basket tracking aids operators in throughput monitoring insuring safe handling of product throughput. MAINTAINER is another tool maintenance and production departments can use for equipment uptime maximization. ALLCHECK and CHALLENGER have the retort room completely covered from a system validation standpoint.

Last but not least, Allpax has the most diverse and capable selection of R&D and Pilot production retorts available. From our super capable 2402 and 3802 laboratory retorts to the 5202 and Versatort pilot size retorts, Allpax has manufacturers of food, packaging, flavors and ingredients as well as many university food science programs supplied with platforms capable of simulating all retort processes and agitation types including continuous processes such as hydrostatic and continuous rotary sterilization. For more information on Allpax’s offerings as well as informative literature on all aspects of retort processing, please visit website and our blog

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