Breaking the Stereotypes about Russian Women

Humans are prone to stereotyping, which makes it is easier for them to understand the world around them. Everything becomes clear and simple. It takes much more to understand the complicated colorful picture of life. You’ll need facts and figures for that as well as putting some effort into analyzing it.

That’s why people are using stereotypes since ancient times.

Being a part of the universal flow Russian, Ukrainian and Byelorussian ladies also have stereotypes surrounding them.

Let’s bust the myths one-by-one.

All Russian girls/women are beautiful.

Not all of Russian women are breathtaking beauties. Of course, as any country in the world, Russia and post-Soviet states are home to many overweight and unattractive women. But the main difference between Russian and western women lies in two factors: an average Russian girl is thinner than her western counterpart, and she takes good care of herself which includes make-up, manicure and pedicure, following fashion trends, not wearing baggy clothes outside her home, etc.

By simply watching women in the streets you’ll get 4-5 attractive ladies out of 10 in Russia against 2-3 in any western country.

All Russian girls are excellent housewives

I’ll tell you right away: this is not true. The civilization in the form of frozen food, cutting-edge home and kitchen appliances arrived to Russia relatively late, so Russian women generally can cook and view housekeeping as a female duty.

However, in Soviet times, for many years propaganda was deliberately spreading the image of a working woman. 99% of women in the Soviet Union were working. Coming home after an 8-hour working day only to find washing, cooking and cleaning waiting for them.

Many women developed a peculiar attitude towards housekeeping viewing it as a quite unpleasant duty after their main job, a second shift. That’s why a career of a housewife doesn’t particularly appeal to most women in today’s Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Let’s put it like this: generally, Russian ladies are better housewives than their western counterparts, but they compare poorly to the ladies from the Middle East and the Far East (where housekeeping is still considered a woman’s essential duty).

All Russian women are warm and family-oriented.

Again, a myth. As anywhere else, there are both family-oriented and career-oriented women in Russia. There is not much space for spirituality in everyday Russian life. The heroes and heroines of Pushkin, Tolstoy and Dostoevsky (world-famous Russian writers) are stuck in the 19th century with their creators.

Modern Russian girls are often tougher, more cynical and practical than their western counterparts. The experiences of daily life harden a character.

Many Russian girls, especially those who know English, received a good education and are dreaming of a fulfilling career. They are likely to turn down your offer to start a career in the kitchen and to give birth to 4 children.

All Russian men are lazy drinkers, and that makes any western man look like a Prince Charming.

A fundamentally false assumption. There are lots of interesting, smart and handsome men in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. On the other hand, women in these countries know how a man should treat a lady. You might have to try really hard to please a Russian woman.

The difference shows only if a couple is married and have children together. Russian men are less actively involved in family matters and are less willing to perform domestic duties than their western counterparts. Why try harder? There are plenty of divorced attractive women in Russia who get no alimony from former husbands.

In fact, the dating market in Russia (Ukraine, Belarus) is ruled by men. Family guys who are ready to take on responsibilities and the stepfather duties are quite rare.

So if you are ready to take serious steps, you will be an interesting candidate in Russian ladies eyes. Then again, you will have to stand out in the competition with local men in generosity, gallantry and romantic ways, and that is not an easy task.

All Russian (Byelorussian, Ukrainian) women are of one and the same type

This is a serious mistake. All of them are different, starting from their ethnic origin (there were over 100 ethnicities represented in the former USSR) down to education, religion and personal values.

You will have to find your way through the different types of Russian women. What are the differences among them? Whom exactly are you dealing with and planning a relationship or starting a family?

The biggest stereotype: all Russian girls dream about marrying a foreigner and about emigration.

This is a delusion. Not all, not even the majority of Russian women dream about leaving their home country and immigrating to the West.

Girls are afraid of the immigration process, of a foreign language, of an unfamiliar man, of a new life and the risks associated with it.

So you are left with 5-10% of the fearless ones who are not easily put off by difficulties.

The good news is that if you convert the 10% into numbers you’ll get 5-10 million potential brides aged 20-50 years.

The chances are pretty good, aren’t they?

Shmilovitch Michael

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