Ebags Tls Mother Lode Weekender Review

For me, the straps are not so long that they are a problem. I suppose either it just doesn’t bother me or I’ve got it adjusted a bit different than you. You can either knot the ends to shorten them a bit or cut them and then burn the ends to prevent fraying.

The front panel of this pocket features another smaller zippered pocket. This crowd favorite is tough, light weight and incredibly useful. With tons of compartments-2 main packing sections, a divider, tie down staps and zippered side pockets-it’s highly functional.

It’s got a kind of “back-to-school” vibe that we’re not super into. But hey, that’s just us—and let’s not forget this thing is about a third of the price of some of the more “stylish” travel bags out there. The zipper on the main compartment is protected by a storm flap to lessen the chances of getting the contents of your bag getting wet. The back panel is padded to improve your backpacking experience. These items provided lots of comfort on a long flight.

ebags weekender

While the right side, is a large compartment for holding the majority of your clothes. Packing cubes work well in this compartment, with use this removable separator, which is designed to keep two smaller cubes from sliding around. Additionally there are two internal compression straps, with little clips to help keep them out of the way. Shoulder Strap is Great but I don’t Usually Use ItThe shoulder strap is a nice carry option. It’s a padded strap attached to a 2” strap that attaches with plastic buckles to two clips on the bag. It definitely works, but with this style of travel bag I usually just carry it with the backpack straps.

Now I’ll show you how much this bag can hold, and how I pack it. We had a hard time finding packing cubes from eBags that would fit this bag well. Most of them were either too big, too small, or you had to buy them a big set.

As a less experienced one bagger, you may be able to handle 30 liters on the first try. It’s a lot harder to get things under 20 liters first try. I can do 16 liters but it took some experience to get there. For me, (5’8″), the Weekender Junior is just fine for a short trip, provided I don’t overpack. And the bag is pretty durable, so not a bad purchase at this price point, especially if on sale, which is fairly often.

One last thing, this is a great bag for small regional jets, so that you do not have to gate check it because many times the stewardesses will gate check anything with wheels. It retails for $99, but I have found it as low as $85. It is also expandable if you’re not going to take it as a carry on for plane trips. Backpacks are being designed for women these days, but It seems like the waist belts disappear on smaller or lighter bags with some brands.

Also, it is not easy to attach/detach daypack quickly. The main bag will compress so far down, that you can take plenty in the Porter. Also, airlines like Easyjet will not allow two bags, combined the daypack when filled won’t fit in overhead. When the Porter 46 is packed full, it is not that easy to stuff shoulder straps and hip belt into their hidden compartment.

The smaller stores don’t always have both sizes in stock. Years ago bags didn’t have the padding they do now. We compensated for it by placing soft items next to the back of the bag. Hard pokey things were placed near the front of the bag. Speakeasy Supply Co. – They make the awesome hidden pocket infinity scarves that are perfect for stashing secret cash, lip balms, and passports.