Everyday Backpack

Using a similar MagLatch top, materials, and design the Everyday Messenger is on brand for Peak Design as it does a great job of balancing of functionality and aesthetics. The pack has a nifty magnet system at the top of the pack that will allow you to redistribute weight off your back. It is incredibly convenient and allows you to access exactly what you need, and exactly when you need it. While they lack to sexy leather aesthetic that the top handle has, the side handles are infinitely much more functional and comfortable. Peak Design made the latch magnetic and able to open or close with one hand, making this feature both easy and satisfying to use. Some people prefer a backpack that has a smoother, sexier sort of touch to it .

A very cool feature of the Everyday Backpack are two straps that can be deployed to hold items onto the outside of the pack, like an extra layer or a blanket along the bottom. When not in use, the straps can then be tucked away and are hardly noticeable. Peak Designs has incorporated some very cool features to optimize their Everyday Backpack, and it does not disappoint. Keep your laptop and tech stuff in the tech compartment, and use your dividers to keep your stuff organized and easily accessible within the main compartment of your Everyday Backpack. The outer shell is made of 100% weatherproof 400D recycled materials with high-density padding for insane protection. A revolutionary external carry system allows you to carry larger items on the outside of your pack, with straps that discreetly tuck away so you won’t see them.

First launched in 2016 and updated to version 2 in 2019, the Peak Design Everyday Backpack has gathered quite a following, thanks to its unique design and numerous features. With a starting price of $260 that only goes up if you want the larger 30L bag, it’s hard to recommend the Everyday Backpack v2 to casual users, just like it was hard to recommend the first generation model. For anyone other than media professionals who need to carry an abundant amount of gear around, it’s simply too expensive for most people to justify. But as a traveling videographer who needs to be able to keep everything on hand in case of unexpected situations, Peak Design’s backpacks have been an invaluable part of my setup for years.

I used them to hold jackets on a day that started out cold and then turned hot on us. It was easy to just bunch them up, then criss-cross these straps and I was good to go. On another day, I was attaching a large blanket that we took to the beach. This time I rolled the blanked up and then used this orientation with the straps. I could have also attached it under the bag if I wanted to.

peak design everyday backpack v2 review

It’s front overlapped MagLatch™ is a closure mechanism that is quick, quiet, and protected. The magnet on the latch catches the plate, creating a lock-free soft closure — and looks sleek on the outside. Bringing it all together and this is one well-crafted backpack. I can bring my mirrorless, an extra lens, drone with all the essentials and accessories with my tripod on one side and a flat water pouch in the other.

With the new design, Peak has separated the inside of each side panel into two equally sized sections with their own zippers. This works okay for small items like camera batteries, but there’s less room to keep things like loose cables in place. Peak is using a new and improved 100% recycled 400D fabric on the outside that feels higher quality than on the first gen bag.

It was well made, but I have to say that the design of the side access & interior compartments was very frustrating. The folded compartment separators would snap out of shape and when fully loaded, things tended to fall from one layer into the other, leading to gear falling out if you weren’t careful. Others obviously love the design, but I definitely did not. Looks like a nice improvement to the backpack I use everyday.