Exceptional best removal services in Robina

Local and interstate removals:

With the best equipment, we got your back covered. For any removal work in Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Burleigh, Broadbeach, Nerang, Robina, Southport or in Northern NSW you can contact BMSR. If you need Any kinds of Removal and Storage service at Robina, we will be happy to serve you. When it comes to Robina removals we are the best.

Benefits of BMSR Fully insured:

Our services are completely insured

BMSR is also accredited

We have an expert and friendly crew

Our Coverage

We have a nationwide coverage

Your luggage is always secure with us

We tackle all kind of big or small task


Get a free estimate of price

Our prices are different for full or partial packing service

Removers in Gold Coast

We greet you at BMSR Gold Coast

BMSR are here for all your removal work. Make your moving stress free. We are well known for our professional removing services at Robina. Our professional staff is always ready for your removal needs at Robina. We give the best services to gain the trust of our customers. You can count on us when it comes to Robina removals.

We already have many satisfied clients. With our strict rules and regulations, we take care of your goods. You can just relax after giving us the work.

We follow just a three-step procedure

Get an idea of your work

Before starting your journey call us, or fill the online form. Our friendly staff is always here to help you with any queries you have. You can ask anything regarding tapes, boxes or packing. We are always ready to help you.

Decide the day

If you liked our offers then all you have to do is decide the day of moving. Inform us that you have accepted the offer. After this your decided date will be fixed on our schedule.


After packing is done. You can just relax as knowing that BMSR are at Robina Town. We are always ready to handle the bulkiest objects. BMSR will securely remove your goods.

Moving Insurance

Many companies offer insurance. But it is not completely insured. It is often true for just small projects. Sometimes the insurance is just for the company. The company has the cover but, what about the customer.

BMSR has a specialized cover available, which makes it different. This insurance is called "Customer goods in transit and storage insurance", This policy indicates that the removers are trained extensively to uphold standards. When it comes to Robina removals we are the best.

BMSR options

When it comes to moving many people take days to move goods from one place to another. It may even take weeks or even months. This is where BMSR can help. BMSR is one of the best warehouses in town. We are not just members of the Australian Furniture Removers Association; we are also government accredited. We have great security to protect your goods. You need not to worry about your furniture or any other goods in our hands. You can just call when coming home BMSR will get it to you. We are most active in Robina for removal services.

We don’t only remove your old furniture in the gold coast we also keep it safe. When it is in our warehouse an optimal temperature is maintained. It is your choice to choose between a closed bay or open plan storage. We have less rates with high assurance.

About BMSR

Our Vision

BMSR is a great name in removal companies in Gold Coast and other areas of Australia. We are well known for our services and strong values. We work above the expectations of our customers. BMSR is a respected name among the business partners and the community. We are an employer of great choice. Robina removals can help you any time.

Our Mission

We are focused on providing a great relocation experience with affordable rates. Our working methodology includes care for customer, respecting the feelings, and a motivation to find the solutions. We work in a positive environment. Our faith is in learn and then grow.

Our values





Learn and grow


The director and founder of BMSR services

The director and founder of the BMSR Peter De Witt says that I want to thank you for choosing services at Your Town Robina. We will make relocation easier for you. Through this website, You will get solutions to your removal problems in your Town Robina.

Now we can give you insurance contracts as we are proud members of the Australian Furniture Removers Association. We have made many satisfied customers. We have received five-star reviews not only on Google but on social media as well. You will never be disappointed by the working methodology of BMSR.

What’s new in BMSR?

Our trucks are bigger and increased in number. We are now working throughout the Gold Coast including Burleigh Heads storage, Broadbeach storage, Nerang storage, Robina storage, Southport, and all the surrounding areas. We are ready to carry larger goods. You can contact us whenever you are ready to move.

Why chose BMSR?

There are many removal companies in Gold Coast and all around Australia. But we can assure you about our quality and safety. We can remove your goods with ease. Let us save your precious time. When it comes to handling heavy or fragile goods unprofessional persons cannot handle it. They may get hurt or they might break the goods. Allow us to take care of your dangerous work. With the help of our perfect staff and large trucks, we will move your goods within a day. Because when something is done by professionals it reaches to perfection. So, let us help you with removing in Robina.

Where to find us?

We are fully activated in the following areas:

Gold Coast


Burleigh Heads




We are always ready to assist you from the above-given states. We’ll get to you if you are in these states or the states near them.

We are AFRA member

There are restrictions on becoming an AFRA member. The company must be well equipped and the staff has to be completely trained to handle a relocation. AFRA is the official body of removal experts that keeps the removal companies in motion. BMSR can proudly say that we are a member of AFRA.

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