Gregory Baltoro 65 Review

There is side access to the pockets for accessing your bottle more easily whilst hiking, but this doesn’t prove all that easy with my larger bottle. Pulling the bottle out is simple, but putting it back in without needing to take my pack off is much less straightforward and often requires the use of a second person! There is a small hole in the pocket to allow the side compression straps to go under or over a bottle or other pocket contents for more secure stowage.

For our Osprey vs Gregory travel backpack comparison, we’ve chosen the Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack and the Gregory Compass 40 Travel Backpack. This may have something to do with the materials used, from the outside to the padding on the straps and back of the bag. Lacking in wet-weather protection, including no rain cover or weather-resistant fabrics other than a standard DWR coating. From the Camino de Santiago to the West Highland Way in Scotland or simply a great day hike on the weekend. Hiking refreshes me, my mind, and keeps my body reasonably fit. So far I have walked three Camino routes and many other long distance hikes in the UK, Canada, and around the rest of Europe.

Hydration Sleeve Yes, with a removable daypack The hydration sleeve doubles as a day pack. Main Pack Access Top and U-Zip Classic drawstring top access, but there’s also a large U-Zip that gives access to the main pack’s content. Top Lid Yes, Not Detachable The top lid in this pack is excellent.

The Maven is a lightweight backpack that offers a comprehensive feature set and supportive suspension. Its frame does a great job of transferring weight from the soldiers to the hips. The foam spreads pressure evenly across the surface area of the straps even with moderate pack weights.

gregory backpacks review

When I landed at a campsite, the Baltoro 65’s intuitive pocket design made finding my headlamp and a snack super-easy before hanging my bear bag and setting up my tent. This is a men’s hiking backpack, which comes with dual-zippered access to the main compartment. A technology that bears mentioning is their custom molding hipbelt technology, developed to create hipbelts that would fit perfectly around the hips and thus make carrying heavier loads easier and more comfortable.

You’ll need to pay $80 extra if you want the same pack as before. Removing the “WeatheShield” hip belt pocket feels like another downgrade too. Thankfully my Baltoro75 doesn’t need replacing anytime soon. You can also tell that the weather-proof pocket has been removed.

The straps are soft but obviously well built and all of the clips feel sturdy, without the flex that many have. Stitching quality is also excellent, with smooth lines through and reinforced seams everywhere that it’s needed. Smaller details include sunglasses straps on the chest, trekking pole and ice pick loops, and expandable straps on the bottom of the pack for things like sleeping pads or other accessories.

While surely you can get away with a backpack that won’t withstand the elements or one that will last for years, having one of high quality is a really smart investment. All of these features need to be considered before you pick your next pack. When it comes to the Osprey vs Gregory warranty, both are some of the best one the market. If your pack breaks from craftsmanship quality, then you’ll get a repair or replacement. Osprey has an All Mighty Guarantee, which means they will repair any damage or defect on any of their products for any reason, absolutely free. And if they can’t repair their product, then they offer a replacement.

We tend to favor Osprey packs a bit more because they have better organization and are often more lightweight. We think they put a bit more thought into features, especially when it comes to storage, with various pockets of differing sizes, some zippered, inside their bags, and on the exterior, too. An ideal choice for backpacking trips, this bag features a daypack add-on that can be used as a hydration sleeve, a side bottle holster, and a custom suspension that can be fitted when the backpack is purchased. The main compartment itself features a zippered mesh pocket and three pen sleeves inside that all sit against the back wall. The mesh pocket works for your smaller accessories—tech or otherwise—while the sleeves organize your writing utensils, so they’re easy to grab when you need to jot something down. There are 14 gear loops sewn into the seams and distributed around key areas of the Baltoro for attaching additional gear to the outside of the pack.

Feature Type Feature Specs What This Means Weight 5 lbs 8 oz. Beefy padding and extra durable materials means extra weight. Capacity 65L This is still the standard size for backpacking backpacks.