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When I took mine out to Pinto Lake, where the holes in the upper meadow all have fast fairways and OB lines left and right on every hole, that difference was remarkable. Thanks to that grip I felt I had full control as I put it through its paces. It handled both low flat screamers and big power anhyzers, always ending with reliable fade at the end. It netted just as much distance as any other similar disc in my bag.

Our review is based on our own experience in using the bag, feedback from fellow disc golf players, and the result from our test. We aim to provide the best recommendation to our readers so that they can have the best selection for a disc golf bag. A disc golf player needs all the right equipment and accessories to be comfortable in the disc golf course. The player needs the right set of discs, but the next best thing is to have the best disc golf bags.

It has a zippered mesh pocket where you can keep your keys, markers, scorecards, etc. This bag has adjustable shoulder straps to make it easier for you to carry. You may think that discs are not as heavy as golf clubs, then why would you need a separate bag for that? Well, the game may just seem like carrying a few frisbees in your hand but the actual scenario is a bit different.

Although these features may be frivolous, some players couldn’t live without them. Keep in mind that some bags do not have removable straps. Although it is nice to have the extras, I feel they should be of lesser importance than durability, capacity, and price. I also find the umbrella sleeve unique in each own way because there are not that many disc golf bags that offer the same feature. Also, the two water bottle holders come in huge sizes, meaning they can hold water bottles of 32 oz, which is impressive.

Some of these are common sense but in an effort to be thorough, I’m including them all. Stands upright very well and the front lower disc flap helps to stabilize it. Thankfully, putting all the discs in really helped, and the bag became stable and straight.

All discs were of the grade we now think of as standard . I believe the idea behind Wocket is a great one, and plan to review a pair when they become available. After checking out the site and looking at the various models or shorts, skorts, and pants, I think they look great as well. There are plenty of disc golfers who would proudly wear them.

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I forgot to mention I have a pretty big water bottle lol. When you take your bag outside for a longer time period, it will surely test its ability to resist weather and other elements. It does a great job in holding all the required discs and other valuables that you might need in the course of the match. You can easily store your wallet, keys, scorecards, snacks, beverages, and other things. Comes with four drink holders- two large and two small.

If you’re a guy that throws a lot of putters, this bag might be for you. The Flak X’s unique bag design allows you to store 2 putters on both sides of the bag. Besides that, the disc golf bag has a 3-slot top sleeve that folds down, giving you extra space. Disc Golf Backpack Slinger Bag is a combination of traditional shoulder bags and backpacks.

They even manufacture other affordable disc golf gear, such as disc golf bags. A variety of bags that suit a beginner as well as the seasoned player. I have wanted a NutSac disc golf bag for some time and just never pulled the trigger. Once I saw the one available in waxed canvas, I couldn’t resist.