Part 1 -YOU TUBE’s Untapped Value In Resident-Contractor Relations

YOU TUBE’s Untapped Value In Resident-Contractor Relations

This is Part 1 of 2 – Part Article Series

In the U.S., there are about 202M You Tube viewers (Statista “Number of You Tube Viewer in the United States, 2020). Among these, are millions of private homeowners and others who lease from them.

Naturally, in the home setting, we regularly have needs for maintaining and improving it. Although there are many things we can do ourselves, there are those which require professional attention. When we need to replace the roof, since this requires very special skills, tools, and equipment, most consider hiring experienced trades persons (such as contractors). But how do we find them? You Tube can help.

Thousands of Videos

We do not have to go to official statistics to know that there are thousands of home-related videos on You Tube. These range from DIY to home fraud. But of particular interest at this time are videos related to making best hiring choices in resident-contractor relations.

Videos Of Resident-Contractor Relations

Foremost, resident-contractor relations refers to the business relationship between residents and contractors. It calls into play how each relates to the other. This begins when each communicates with the other concerning a home project or a series, thereof. Subsequently, videos of resident-contractor relations are those centered around this connection.

What should we know about arriving at the safest hiring choices? How can we avoid making a disastrous decision? Is there some way we can distinguish between good and bad contractors? You Tube has thousands of answers in its exhaustive selection of home maintenance and improvement videos. We will be amazed by what we can learn about different types of contractors just by conscientiously visiting You Tube to find out. They can help us make better hiring decisions.

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Meanwhile, in the Resource Box ahead, is the link for the invaluable, downloadable homeowner’s guide which details how awesome a resource You Tube can be in our decision making: “You Tube A Reliable Homeowner Resource. Feedback always welcome.

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