The Perfect City for Pets and People

Like most dog lovers, I try to take my dogs with me everywhere I go. Running errands, walks, road trips, dining, and work. Ok, maybe not the last one but that’s not my choice. When I moved here in 2015, I was surprised to find what a dog friendly town Savannah, GA is. The number of places my dogs are welcomed is amazing!

With its rich history, squares, cemeteries, shops, restaurants, and walkability there is an abundance of things to see and do in Savannah. Whether strolling along the river or walking the historic streets, my Dachshunds, Trixie and Mickey, like nothing better than getting around Savannah, taking in new scents and making friends with people and pups.

Between the squares, 22 in total and Forsyth Park, there is no shortage of places to let Trixie and Mickey exercise, play in fountains, or lay in the grass enjoying the day, one of our favorite activities. There are also two great dog parks, one within downtown limits and another just a short drive over to Daffin Park. The dog park at Daffin is divided into a section for smaller dogs and one for larger dogs. There is also a mile and a half walking circuit around the perimeter of the park and lots of area in between to exercise your dogs.

It’s not just the squares and parks, either. There is always something do to with dogs in Savannah. In May, the Humane Society of Greater Savannah hosts a Dog Carnival, a fun event for humans and canines. Events includes dog races, a ball pit, photo opportunities, food trucks, and vendors from all over the area, with all proceeds benefiting the Humane Society.

Each October brings two more big dog events, Oktoberfest, which includes Dachshund, or WIENER DOG, races among other events, and Wag-o-Ween. Wag-o-Ween takes place the weekend before Halloween and is exactly what it sounds like, trick or treating for dogs. Instead of humans dressing in costume, owners dress their dogs in costumes and visit local participating business for trick or treating, raffles, a costume contest and lots of fun. The best part is proceeds go to local area pet rescue organizations.

We also enjoy taking in the historical cemeteries, especially Colonial Cemetery, which is in the heart of downtown and Bonaventure Cemetery, a few miles east from downtown. Colonial is a much smaller cemetery compared to Bonaventure, but both are pet friendly and provide a fascinating glimpse into Savannah’s past. Bonaventure sits on a bluff overlooking the Wilmington River, a beautiful spot to enjoy the view and surroundings.

Among Savannah’s offerings is the variety of restaurants and coffee shops. I have yet to come across one with outdoor seating that doesn’t welcome dog patrons. Several of the coffee shops downtown have dog treats from the local Woof Gang Bakery and some restaurants even have "doggie dishes", food especially prepared for dogs. It’s a nice treat for the canine family members, enjoying another meal together.

Last on the list should be a stop at one of the five Woof Gang Bakery locations in the downtown area. This is truly a jackpot for dogs and yours will think he’s gone to heaven. Woof Gang Bakery specializes in treats, foods, accessories, and everything your dog could possibly want or need, plus a few things for you too! Each shop has a few different product lines, so you may find yourself stopping in more than one.

If anyone is looking to take a vacation with their dogs, Savannah, Georgia is the perfect spot. We look forward to seeing you and your pups around town.

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